Jul 30, 2008

Ice Covered Deer selected for International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography show

This image was just selected to be included in the 2008 International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography and will be on display at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, Colorado from October 3rd - November 10th, 2008. Such a huge honor to me. The show was jurored by Hossein Farmani, who is the founder of the Lucie Awards, a gallery owner, and photographer. truly humbled, thank you Mr. Farmani. http://www.c4fap.org/exhibitors/2008International/ExhibitorsAnnounce.asp

about this image:
I went home for the holidays during one of the strangest ice storms I'd ever seen. For three days in Kearney, Nebraska rain froze and ice accumulated on everything. At dawn I drove down a road that parallels the Platte river and encountered this deer in its icy shell.